ChildrenStar SonKy Waisenhaus

In 2007 fourty two children started a new life.  For these children life meant begging, physical violence, and Illness.  Now they find themselfes securely in the SonKy orphanage surrounded by benevolence and sympathy.  SonKy orphanage was initiated by the “Economic Foundation for Humanitarian Help/WHH” (“Wirtschaft hilft Hungernden”) and Don Bosco in Saigon.  Brother Jerome (SDB/ Salesianer Don Boscos) and five assistants care for the children in a small 85 qum House. Primarely they care for the well being of the children. In addition they arrange for schooling, job-training, pay school fees and supplies, provide computer classes, promote training in sports, painting and music.

The Landlord and the rights of children

Son Ky is rented. The permission to use this house as an orphanage was limited to 18 months.  June 07 the orphanage gladly found a new home. The landlord had pushed towards a premature eviction, which led to uncertainties among the children and their helpers.  It took months of searching, until in august a suitable property was found and purchased. Now its time for the helpers and the orphans to build their own orphanage. The obvious advantage at hand guarantees all a sense of lasting security.

The right to a secure home.

The “Kinderstern e. V.” which revenues fund the Saigon based “Economic Foundation for Humanitarian Help/WHH” is now particularly active. It is time to convey “Kindersterne” with your help from a work of art into a permanent residence for the 42 children. A thousand Thanks in the name of Le Thanh Phong, Nguyen Duc Thuan, Chu Tron Phuoc, Luang Hai Long and the remaining 37 children, Brother Jerome and the 5 helpers.    

The “Kinderstern e. V” represents the right of children to a home.

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