A real stroke of luck...

Anna, Bärbel, Sabine, Karola and Thomas Grässlin donate their 10 000 Euro Art Cologne Collectors Award to the Kinderstern.

The Art Cologne Collectors award, sponsored by the „Bundesverband deutscher Galerien und Editionen (BVDG)“ and Cologne Art Fair, honors the Family Grässlin and their outstanding achievements in promoting contemporary art. The awarded 10.000 Euro are donated a 100 % to the Düsseldorfer Kinderstern. The entire amount flows in the construction of the Son Ky Childrenstar Orphanage. State Regulations have orphans currently dispersed all over Saigon. That these children will in future live togehter in one home, was made possible at large by the donation of the Art Collectors Family Grässlin. We want to express our gratidude for their generous donation to children in need.

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