“Kindersterne” for “From the Hearts to the Hearts.”

635 heart operations equals 635 children that live and share their joy of surviving with their famelies. Their joy is a reminder to our commitment with your help providing continous aid heart diseased children which were born afflicted by the effects of Agent Orange.

Agent Orange, highly toxic, causing heart disease among others.

Agent orange, titled “rain of destruction”, was used during the Vietnam war resulting in the withering of the primeval forest.  Agent orange still shows its devestating force:  as a genetic time bomb. Hunderd thousands have died due to Agent Orange since the end of the vietnam war. Approximately two to three million vietnamese as well as former vietnam vet´s and their children suffer from a delayed health damage.  

Inborn damage, even in the third generation

The increase of disabled children in Vietnam is frightning: Deformed and missing limbs, open spinal cord, Paralysis, severe brain damage, and the increase of inborn heart disease.  Without an operation these children would have little chance of survival. Their parents don´t have enough money for an operation.  Often they don´t have enough food for their ill children. Cardiologics conduct operations on agent orange child victims in pediatric clinics in vietnam, consiquentually restoring damaged child hearts for a fracture of the expense of operations n the west.

The “Kinderstern” represents the right to medical help. “From the hearts to the hearts” Details >>  www.stiftungwhh.de