Agent Orange and the vicitms in the third generation!

Hi dear friends,

Today, a brief summary.

Today, Thursday,
the 25. 02. 2010, I visited together with Claus Ruff, Bui Thi Mai Lien, Bui Quoi Toan and the driver Cu Chi. The town is located about 70km northwest of Saigon. Close to Cu Chi existed an underground tunnelsystem, strategically used by the vietkong during the Indochina and the vietnam war. This is reason why especially this region has been exposed to napalm raids, and Agent Orange contamination by the americans.
(The US army used napalm in their air raids and sprayed the Herbizid Agent Orange to deforest the dschungle, thereby contaminating the soil.)

In the region of Cu Chi we visited young people who suffer from long term damages from the contamination of soil with the Herbizide Agent Orange during the war. They are born more than 30 years after the war! We are speaking of vicitms in the second and third generation!

The details of that what I witnessed today, I rather not tell, otherwise this might stimulate bad memories. No photographs of today.

I`ll keep in touch.
Reda El Scherif