Hi dear friends,

Here some good news:

Yesterday the day started with a happy event. Claus Ruff, Nguyen Quy Phuong, Bui Thi Mai Lien and I went to the Trieu An Hospital Saigon and visited the 6 year Nguyen Van Duroc and the 9 year old Thoi Chi Hieu, both coming from the province of Dong Thab . Both underwent a succesful open heart surgery, conducetd by Dr. Nguyen Van Phan on monday. It was a pleasure to see how well both boys did only 4 days after the operation. Their mothers and siblings present at the hospital, gave Klaus and me a warm welcome.

In the room next door we met the 8 year old Nguyen Kieu Khonk from the province of Vinh Long, and the 6 year old Pham Ouoc Trung  from province Dong Thab, who are both undergoing heart surgery by Dr. Phan, next week.

As with the two boys, we also encountered here much optimism among all people present.

Not enough of good news, 16 year old Nguyen Pha Quy and 19 year old Than Ouac Tuan from the SonKy Childrenstar Orphanage completed their first two working days at the carpentry from Mr. Pham Duy Giot on thursday and friday. Now they are given a probation period, leading, if everything turns out well, into a three year apprenticeship as a capenter.

In addition to this, very much to the joy of all, bookshelves with 109 books were received in SonKy  I am personally glad to inform you that our soccer team, the sculls, finally managed, after the third trial, to win the soccer match. Unfortunately, I overlooked a pothole, and pulled a muscle at the very last minute of the match.

I`ll keep in touch.

Reda El Scherif


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