Son Ky Children Star Orphanage I.

18. February 2010

During the next couple days we are happy to bring you News from the Son Ky Children Star Orphanage.

At location for the Kinderstern: Rheda El Scherif.

 „Today I had my first meeting with the boys from the Son Ky Orphanage.

The orphanage for boys exists since 2007, they relocated into a different, smaller building last year. This new Building is smaller than the previous, and 13 of the boys had to be accommodated elswere. The current situation is considered transitory. For the interim, the Head of the orhanage – Father Jerome, his niece Lien and Claus Ruff from the German Economic Foundation for Humanitarian Help/WHH, who is currently at the location, are working on aquiring a different property. At the orphanage I met 40 boys, who gave us a reception of more than an hour of a staged music, dance and acting performance. The boys are between 4 and 18. After the show and numerous speeches from the orphans expressing gratitude, I presented the soccerballs and the T-Shirts, donated by Andy Meurer from „The Toten Hosen“. To the question if they knew any rockband, the answer was “yes, Michael Jackson“. What ever, they happily received the soccer balls and the T-Shirts.

The very same day we organized a match with three teams, the Skeleton Eagles, the Skulls and the Kindersterne. The Skeleton Eagles catched three times a win and one defeat, my team, the Skulls and the Kindersterne were left with two wins and two defeats.

Most impressive I found the boy Tanh, who came three years ago after a heart operation to the orphanage. In the morning Father Jerome had told me the biography of the very introvert Tanh including his operation. On the soccer field nothing of that was seen. I didn`t expect that Tanh‘s passionate ballgame remaind unimpressed of his illness. 

In any way, the boys conquered my heart by storm. It was nice to see with how much respect they treated each other, how the elder help the little, and how the little show strength on the soccerfield. the next meeting and match are scheduled for wednesday. Hopefully this will be a return match. Tomorrow, Claus. Lien, Jerome and me and four locals I havent‘t met yet, are travelling for five days to the provinces Tien Giang and Dong Thap, which are located in the region of the Mekong Delta.

The journeys aim: locating disesased children in need for a heart surgery.

The project „From the hearts to the hearts“, sponsored by the German Economic Foundation for Humanitarian Help/WHH and the “Kinderstern e.V.“, has managed to provide heart operations for 655 orphanaged or poverty stricken children, whose parents weren‘t ablebto afford the 3000 Dollar expenses for the operation, since 2004. I was told. that the main reason for the heart problems of the children is due to Malnourishment and the remote damages of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.

In Tien Giang we plan to visit 8 inflicted children, in Dong Thap 10 children. Claus has just told me, that the list of children waiting for an operation in both provinces counts 130 cases. This list concerns children where examinations had alrdeady been conducted. I will keep in touch. Sincerely Rheda EL Scherif

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Soccercup with Reda El Scherif
Soccercup with Reda El Scherif
Boys from Son Ky
Boys from Son Ky
The children from Son Ky
The children from Son Ky