The “Kinderstern” stands for the rights of children.

The Rights of children?

Every child is entiteled to a supportive upbringing furthering its development towards becoming an autonomous, sociable personality. In particular: Even though all children of this world should be entiteled to love and care, food, medical support and education, we all know this still remains to be utopian.

The “Kinderstern” represents dignity of all children.

It is their artwork in times of need.  The “Kinderstern” artwork by no means wants to be just beautiful, nor does it merely raises hope for a child-oriented society. Starting 1988 Imi Knoebel`s “Kindersterne” convert into a 100% financial support to promote sponsored projects, serving thereby as an agent for the rights of children. How? The “Kinderstern” artwork is, and works as a contribution from the donor to the sponsor. Details >>


This means projects are sponsored that encourage autonomous living for the children. Long-term dependencies are deliberately avoided, being in opposition to a child´s right of dignity. The “Kinderstern e.V.” supports relief projects on the base of ethics and efficiency. Details >> 

Pass the information on, it can help.

Pass the word in e-mail. Would you like your friends, relatives,  dear collegues get to find out more about the activities of the “Kinderstern e.V.”? Your response is help to children in need. Thank you. Yours “Kindersterne”.

Register of non-profit associations: VR 1899/1992 T.