100% of the proceeds go to children in need.

The Kinderstern stands for the rights of children.

The Kinderstern is an artwork by Imi Knoebel from 1988/89. The work stands as a special case emerging from the field of art in an unlimited edition, a sign and a brand that appoints a registered non-profit association, based in Düsseldorf, with the function of acquiring donations for institutions that care for children in need. Art as a mission, an interesting point of view. The child as a mission.

In this special case, moreover, the work »Kinderstern« is well founded in the context of Knoebel’s work. It highlights the special significance of »child« and »star« as factors in this field – especially in Imi Knoebel’s field, and within that as a special case for art in general. As such, it is always a borderline case. Children, art, play, artists, creativity and so on are closely related, as are, stars, genii and artists – quite apart from the proximity of children and stars.

The idea of »Kinderstern« opens a new dimension – and redefines the term »public benefit«. That’s because strictly speaking, it is a radical claim that constitutes the essence of art – related, as in this case, to the children, as a matter of course. The blinding light of the justified priority is obfuscated, relativised, concealed and obscured by the prevalent system of society. In this respect, the special case of »Kinderstern« is exemplary of the emergence from the »subsystem of art« (Niklas Luhmann) into the realm of »public utility«, characteristically demonstrated in the being of the child.

What children know that adults don’t know (and should), what they did not yet know as a child, is what matters.

The Kinderstern is a work of art that stands for children, for their truth, for their rights, for their protection.

Johannes Stüttgen, 5.8.2019

Art is a light that can easily be outshone by external sources of brightness for decades, yet retains its contrast to outside light. Disasters and times that darken everything expose those brightnesses as the delusions they always were in the light of art, bring this light to the fore anew and eclipse their sheer darkness.


The real Kinderstern are the children themselves. That would have to be explained to adults, but is not explainable. The Kinderstern is a work of art, and that is what makes it special. It stands for the children and their need for unconditional care of their very essence, which is determined by themselves and not from outside influences.

The Kinderstern is the companion of children in need. Its internal power releases the means to remedy or alleviate that need. What is it that links children and art? The beginning. The Kinderstern is their guarantor. It is the time star, guiding in two directions: forward into the future - the children themselves - and back into our childhoods.

The Kinderstern stands for the dignity of all children.


The goal of the Kinderstern is the children and the fulfilment of their rights. Its origins are in art. Art is understood here as the first and foremost aspiration, relating to the coherent form in the smallest and the biggest - especially with regard to the form of existence and dignity of children.

The Kinderstern - Imi Knoebel’s homage to children - is a work of art. On behalf of and with the aid of the artwork of the Kinderstern, the association raises funds for children in need. The fact is that the association is subject to legislation governing non-profit enterprises, which (unlike the star) exert influence from the outside rather than the inside. In the name and on behalf of the star, however, this is something we must go through.


Donations to support projects of the non-profit organisation Kinderstern e.V. have translated into support for needy children since 1989. On request, the artwork »Kinderstern« by Imi Knoebel gives donors a brooch, lapel pin, lithograph or sculpture in addition to the mandatory donation receipt.
You will receive a thank-you gift if your donation exceeds EURO 90.00.

Kinderstern brooches large

Kinderstern brooches large

Limited colours, 925 silver

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Kinderstern brooches small

Kinderstern brooches small

Limited colours, 925 silver

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Kinderstern lapel pins

Kinderstern lapel pins

Red, blue or yellow, 925 silver

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Kinderstern as a picture

Kinderstern as a picture

Acrylic on wood in various colours. Red Kinderstern in intaglio print on cardboard.

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Upsala Children's Circus

You are welcome to continue supporting us with donations. Send us an email and we will send you a donation receipt when we receive the amount. Your Kinderstern e.V.

Children’s Circus Upsala 50 to 60 children from Ukraine are preparing for their performance in the format „Circus in the City“ in the city of Leipzig. A wonderful project by Upsala e.V.


Kinderstern e.V.
Reichsstraße 53
40217 Düsseldorf

Chairwoman of the Board
Carmen Knoebel
Kinderstern e.V. is a nonprofit association listed in the register of associations under VR 1899/1992T.